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Welcome to LACCA, the Latin American Call Center Association. LACCA promotes the delivery of best practice through a wide range of products and services encouraging participation from all organizations in the “nearshore” call center market.

LACCA was founded to inform companies in the in the United States of the great opportunity that exists in the call center industry in the “nearshore” region.  Most importantly, the LACCA serves as a guide to those businesses who are interested in relocating their business to the area.  

LACCA’s mission is to attract U.S. companies through their marketing efforts; show them the benefits of relocating their call center operation to the area; and finally assist them in setting up their call center operation or recommend an existing call center outsourcer.

U.S. companies often find it difficult to move their operation overseas as there are many unknown obstacles to navigate, such as laws, government policies, local banking, where to buy equipment services and more.  With a dedicated and high-quality oriented team, the LACCA has achieved impressing partnerships and collaborations in a very short period of time.


Let us help you with your call center relocation and outsourcing needs.  We provide a service free of charge and are sponsored by local governments and companies in the nearshore market to promote economic growth in the region.

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"I found their services invaluable when I wanted to move my customer service department from the U.S. to a nearshore centre to reduce my expenses. I ended up with a wonderful company with centres located in the region and now have my business handled in the Dominican Republic and Panama."

Ian McMillan, iMac Insurance Group

“The LACCA helped me locate a great call center outsourcer in Nicaragua for my inbound sales calls.  I would highly recommend them.” 

Steve Williams,


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